Prayer Request

Lisa Huff, June 17, 2023 - 3:52 pm

Please please let me find housing for my cats and I asap. My landlord's son tried to throttle me because I wouldn't give money. My landlord's in a nursing home and been declared mentally incompetent. There is no POA and factions created in the family. The daughters said I could stay until I found a new place but I don't trust or believe them. They are not reliable. I have a restraining order but the son is treated more like a pet than a criminal by the local police. I have no friends or family and am 67 years. Costs of maintenance of house, utilities, property taxes etc have caused me to be unable to save money on fixed income. Mewsette and Vicky are my family and my ESA . Please please pray the people at Choices can help and my therapist and psychiatrist can do something I need a miracle so I can raise money to go home to Elmhurst, IL or Villa Park, IL or just home or move another state. Please bless everyone on this site and answer their prayers asap. Thank you for my blessings