Prayer Request

James Arthur White, May 14, 2023 - 3:52 pm

Pray for me at work. I work in a prison. Pray I do well and am confident, competent, and wisdom. Pray also I can do the job with the new responsibilities and do well. PRay I have favor and get along with others well. PRay I make friends and accepted. Pray I am able to be myself and not fear. PRay I have boldness and do and say what needs to be done….also pray I find a spouse and GOD provides it..Pray I did not mess up a possible relationship with a lady named ashley…Pray also my siblings can have a place of their own property to own in this area where we live. Pray GOD provides it for them..Pray GOD does this for them……Pray GOD also heals my older established brother Kenneth and saves His soul….Pray GOD calls Kenneth to salvation and he accepts….Pray I walk in confidence and truth…