Prayer Request

Anonymous, January 15, 2023 - 8:35 pm

Please fervently pray that America Repents of:
Homosexuality-. America and her government have allowed homosexuals to run this country and she must repent of this wickedness.
Lesbianism-. America must repent of teaching homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. It is not. It is wicked and has provoked the judgment of God.
Abortion-Satan has always launched an all-out attack against the unborn children in this country. He did it in Bible days and now America is allowing the same murdering, destroyer spirit to permeate this country. More children are killed in the womb of women than on the streets, by drugs or alcohol. The cries of these children are coming up before God and America will be judged for them.
Pride of Wealth-America has exalted money. A spirit of mammon, materialism and idolatry rule here. America has on its money in God we trust and that is true, the only god they trust is money. The church has forgotten that gain is not godliness
Witchcraft-America is guilty of blocking Christian ministers from airing on secular stations. They will not give preachers a national platform. The media will exalt their wealth but when a man of God gets blessed they want to cut him down God is going to judge the leaders and governmental officials for listening to devils and not standing up against the unrighteousness sweeping this land.
Idolatrous Worship-We have opened the doors of this country to accept other idolatrous religions. Jesus Christ is the only God!
Pray all caught in sin will repent and return to the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom before judgement falls on America. God has a problem with our continued unacknowledged and unrepentant sins. Repent and turn back to God and he will forgive and set you free! In Jesus Name Amen