Prayer Request

Anonymous, January 9, 2023 - 7:01 am

Please pray for my daughter to overcome her drug addiction and depression. Please pray for her depression loneliness emptiness fears and suicidal thoughts. Please pray for her physical mental and emotional pain. Please pray for her safety protection health happiness relationships finances and salvation. Please pray God will send her a godly husband and friends that lift her up out of depression and loneliness. Please pray she will distance herself from all temptation and people using or selling drugs. Please pray she will not get drugs from people. Please pray she will soften her heart to forgive love and ask forgiveness. Please pray she will have a personal relationship with God and except Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Please pray God will give her the wisdom to make better choices in her life and stop her reckless behavior. Please pray for our finances to increase and our spending to be controlled and used wisely. Please pray our car is safe and our home strong not needing any repairs. Thank you and God bless you.