Reed’s Temple Church of God In Christ was founded by the late Overseer Joe B. Reed at 59th and State Street in 1953.  He began the church with his wife and two small children, Deacon Nathaniel Washington, his wife and four children and Sis. Mary Washington.  At that time, the church was under the name “Pentecost Church of God In Christ.”  This was a store front that Eld. Hamp Nolan shared with Overseer Reed.  We had service every other Sunday.  Mother Lucille Fowler was the first member saved and filled with the Holy Ghost under his leadership, which greatly encouraged our Pastor. 

In 1954, the Lord blessed him to move in a place of his own at 5539 South Wentworth which was the desire of his heart.  Overseer Reed was a man of prayer and faith.  His motto was “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.” (Psalms 121:1).  God blessed and many souls were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.  At this location, God called him off the job to full time service, which he did having faith to believe that God would make a way because his offering was about $8.00 every other Sunday.  

Overseer Reed stayed before the Lord in fasting and prayer 15 days and nights, and 21 days and nights.  By this time, he wanted the Lord to bless him with a church building.  The Lord revealed to him that he would be moving into a church west of Harvard Street.  That vision was fulfilled in 1964.  The Lord blessed us to move into a large church at 6500 S. Stewart which seated about 1,500 people.  This brought great joy and enthusiasm to Overseer Reed and the members.  This is where the Lord gave him to name the church “Reed’s Temple.” 

The Lord continued to bless, many were saved and healed of various diseases, tumors were dissolved, blinded eyes opened, women that couldn’t have children conceived and brought forth.  When he prayed God answered.  Years later, the church caught on fire and burned a total loss.  Overseer Reed was encouraged that all things worked together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.  Later, he was able to purchase the place at 11594 South State, Chicago, Illinois. 

Eld. David A. Reed was the Assistant Pastor to his father, Overseer Joe B. Reed, for 13 years.  After his father’s homegoing, June 16, 1987, Eld. David A. Reed became Pastor of the church.  He has under the power and unction of the Holy Spirit, picked up the staff of his father and continued to do the work of Him that has sent him.  Through much fasting, praying and supplication, Reed’s Temple Church of God In Christ has prospered. 

Under the leadership and guidance of Pastor Reed, the membership has increased by the hundreds, souls have been saved, and bodies have been healed and delivered from the claws of Satan. 

Proverbs 29:18 days, “Where there is no vision the people perish.”  God has anointed our Pastor with a vision encompassing church growth and ministries to enhance spiritual growth and advancement of our church’s parishioners.  God has given our leader a vision to take the church’s ministry to a higher dimension in this new millennium, yet never forgetting the strong foundation of holiness nor the standards of righteous living.  With a deep desire to please the Lord and to fulfill a portion of the vision God has given him, Pastor Reed and our church congregation on October 3, 1999 moved to our present location at 1300 North Broad Street, Griffith, Indiana.  God has done great things whereof we are glad.